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Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter:
More Than a Shelter, It is Hope
By Nancy E. Sheppard

PRASH imageWhen walking into the beautiful lobby of Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, located at 5843 Jefferson Avenue in Newport News, one thing is quite clear – this isn’t your typical, government-agency animal shelter. Their mission statement, "Rehome, Reunite, Reeducate,” emanates in every corner of the 30,000 square foot, state-of-the art facility.

Servicing York County, Poquoson, Newport News, and Hampton, Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter was founded in 2015 to not only serve as the government shelter and animal control facility for all four municipalities, but with a duty to reunite lost animals with their owners and educate the public, actively participating in outreach programs at local events, schools, and neighborhoods.

It is evident that every animal is not only healthy and well cared for but loved. The building is divided into different areas for animals based on size, health, and process towards adoption, with each space having their own ventilation system in order to promote healthfulness in the animals. The staff includes an animal behaviorist, veterinarian, veterinary technician, groomers, and many dedicated employees. PRAS works closely with over 50 partner rescue organizations, SPCAs, as well as many foster homes to ensure that every animal has a chance at a happy life.

At any given time, the shelter can house up to 180 cats and 90 dogs, as well as a slew of small "pocket” pets. With their intake/reunite lobby open 7 days a week, 12 months a year from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., they never turn anyone away who might be searching for their lost pet or forced to relinquish to the shelter, regardless of what type of animal it is. Marketing & Animal Adoption Coordinator, Brigette Dugan, noted they have even taken in exotic animals and were able to connect them to the appropriate rescue organization.

Recently, a spotlight has been shown upon PRAS as they took in 29 cats rescued from an animal hoarding situation in Hampton. They have been able to provide necessary veterinary treatment, facilitate transfers, and assess the cats for adoptability.

What PRAS brings to these homeless animals is hope. The time, love, and dedication they pour into each animal to give them the love and attention they deserve while diligently seeking a loving, forever home is boundless.

To do your part in helping this amazing organization, PRAS is always looking for volunteers to help, especially with fostering and "inhouse” needs like cleaning and caring for the animals. They are also searching for supplies, including for the upcoming "kitten season,” such as canned kitten food, heating pads, and "miracle nipples.” If you would like representatives to come to your business or event to educate the community or bring adoptable animals, Brigette Dugan can be reached at  or via telephone at 757-933-8982. She noted that PRAS is seeking to develop more relationships in York County and Poquoson.

If you would like more information regarding Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter,  visit their Facebook page at  or  find your "fur-ever friend” at  Also, watch for future articles in Yorktown Crier-Poquoson Post for featured PRAS adoptable pets, adoption events, and other great things happening with PRAS!


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