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TL13 image smallTigers Can’t Topple Lions on Friday the 13th ... If you were Tabb and were having a struggling football season – from not getting a win yet to coming close a few times to just having some bad luck this year, the last thing you want to do is play on Friday the 13th! That does not help with changing the luck of the season. Then the last thing any team wants to do is play in the rain. It’s messy, cold, and miserable. Alas, these were the circumstances that the Tigers had to play on Friday. Superstition is only in the mind, nonetheless, football is still not easy. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Bull Islanders Volleyball Shut Out Tigers ... It has been a struggling fall for Tabb. Many wish there could be a better way to put that. Unfortunately, things have just been difficult. Does that sound better? The point is Tabb just has not been doing the best in some fall sports. Do not let that discourage you! Things can change, there can be hope, you may have to look at the long run, but it could be worse. Does this opening mean this will be about a Tabb loss? Yes, but it’s not too hard to hear about. (See Page 7, October 19, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)

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