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High School Sports Schedules

TigerU image small20-0! Tigers Softball Ends Regular Season Undefeated! ... The regular season is over. The regional and state tournaments are going to start soon. It is the post-season, you know the playoffs. Before that happened, the last few games had to take place. There was one big game that took place before this was going on, also. It was Tabb versus Jamestown in softball. The outcome of the game did not dictate who won the district or who was going to make it to the playoffs, it was Tabb’s game to lose. This was because if Tabb won they would end the regular season undefeated. It the opportunity for the Tigers to be perfect. Before that though, they had to face Jamestown. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Clippers Baseball Dominates Lake Taylor to Move On ... The Grafton Clippers baseball team ruled the regular season. They won most of their game. Made it to the postseason and started to win. Then there was one game that was to predict their fate. And it was against Lake Taylor. If Grafton won, they would go to the semifinals, and once they were the team could win and make it to states! First, Lake Taylor stood in their path. And if the Clippers lost, the entire season was over with. A lot was at stake here. (See Page 9, May 31, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)

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