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SportsColumn imageClippers Baseball Rolls Over Falcons in the Sixth to a Win ... The regular season for spring sports is ending. Seriously, Memorial Day weekend is next weekend! Then it’s June! Then why are we even still in school? We are all thinking of that, kids! In baseball in the Bay Rivers, the top three teams are Jamestown, Grafton, and Tabb. Each team has less than 5 losses. Every game counts for each of these teams. One loss and the rankings could change. So when Grafton played York last week, it was a big deal, nonetheless a rivalry game. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Falcons Edge Tigers in Close Softball Contest ... Things are pretty close and tight in Bay Rivers softball. Lemme tell ya! York, Smithfield, and Jamestown have five losses or less. That all sounds good, but then there is another team with five losses or less, actually they have no losses; Warhill is 16-0! With only about three or so games left in the regular season it is looking that perhaps the Lions can be the King…or Queen; this is softball. This story is not about Warhill though. It is about York, who has a decent softball team who are playing very well; again, I never mean to give York a hard time! The Falcons faced the Tabb Tigers. (See Page 10, May 18, 2017 Edition) (Have a Comment?)

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