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Church Message
Thank God some things never change.
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageNot far from Hampton Roads, in Kitty Hawk on the outer banks of North Carolina, one can see where the Wright brothers made their first historic flight with an airplane. As one climbs aboard a plane for a transatlantic flight or sees a large military cargo plane fly overhead, or a fighter jet streak across the sky, you can't help but be amazed at how much has changed.

So many changes have been made over the past fifty years, even over the past decade, that it is simply amazing. The advances in genetic research, laser surgery, the use of artificial limbs are just a few. Heart transplants, by-pass surgery, heart valve replacements, are done so well and so often they've become almost routine.

We have come to expect or even demand change. The impossible becomes the possible. Philosophies, opinions and theories are revised and abandoned and replaced by new ones equally susceptible to error and change.

Sad to say, this approach to life is also the way many approach religion. Everything else in the world changes. Why not the church as well? One must immediately recognize that the church must change. The church must adapt itself to the many new situations it faces. The needs of people today, their fast-paced life styles, constantly place new demands before the church. The church must change if it is to faithful serve its members and reach out to the unchurched.

One must also recognize that there are some things that just can not change. The doctrines or teachings of God's Word are the same today as when they were given. What was morally right or wrong when God created Adam and Eve or when he gave the Ten Commandments is still right or wrong today.

No matter how much society accepts or condones an action, if it is condemned by God in His Word, the church must also condemn it. Even though `living together' is accepted and practiced by many, God still says that it is a sin. Sexual intercourse is a right and privilege that belongs to the sacred estate of marriage. Taking drugs may be acceptable to society but it's not with God. Getting drunk may be the goal of many when they head out to party but not for the child of God. It's a sin. That is something that has not changed with time.

One needs but look around to see the changes that have taken place, not only in the world but within the church. Some changes are good. But let us not forget that God's holy will and Word do not change. Drunkenness, adultery, homosexuality, cursing, prejudice, bigotry, etc are as sinful today as when Jesus died on the cross for these sins.

Yet so is God's message of forgiveness, mercy and love for sinners. It has not changed either. No matter what sin we've committed or how many, God loves us, died for us and has forgiven us. Thank God for that!

The role of the church is to proclaim this message. We are to proclaim God's judgment on sin and proclaim God's love for sinners. That love must be in our heart and be proclaimed loud and clear. "That wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life." (Romans 6:23) and its members should proclaim God's Word loud and clear. Sin is sin no matter how many accept it or commit it. God's message of love and forgiveness is also the same whether one believes it or not. Some things just don't change. Thank God!


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