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Church Message
Preachers Aren't the Only Ones Who Preach.
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageHave you ever considered being a preacher? It's a calling or profession that is unique in many ways. It is a work to which one is called not simply hired. It is the Holy Spirit that leads a person to desire full time work in the preaching ministry. As one considers such a calling, it is necessary to consider just what it is that a pastor does.

I guess that everyone has their idea of what a preacher, pastor, or minister does or should do. Many see preachers making calls on those in the hospital or nursing home.

We may think of his work as including visiting members of his flock or reaching out to the unchurched. I believe that most would recognize that a pastor also has to spend a portion of his week preparing for Bible classes, counseling members with problems, and attending various meetings and activities.

But the work or activity that many would associate most closely with a minister is preaching. That is certainly why they are often referred to as "preachers" This is also the area of labor that most lay persons would feel most uncomfortable doing. For most, just the thought of preaching a sermon makes them perspire.

Writing and delivering a sermon each week is a challenging part of a pastor's responsibilities. But, you should also recognize that the pastor is not the only one who does preaching. You do to! And you do it, not just on Sunday, but every day of the week. Let me explain.

When you drive to church on Sunday morning you are preaching a sermon to others about the importance of worship in your life. When you walk into church with a smile and a friendly greeting, you are preaching a message of love for others. When you introduce yourself to visitors and help them with the order of service, you tell them that you care and are happy they are there. When you respond to a friend's question about the work of Jesus, you are preaching.

You preach a message of hope and joy when you sing joyfully and enthusiastically during the service. A child is preaching when they sing, "Jesus loves me this I know." You preach a message about the power of prayer when you bow your head in prayer at meal time. You preach a message about your trust in God when you give your offerings to support the work of the Lord. You preach about the importance of God's Word for our faith and life, when you attend Bible class and bring your children to Sunday School.

As you can see, the preacher is not the only one who delivers a sermon on Sunday. Nor is Sunday the only day on which sermons are preached. Each day of your life is a sermon to the Lord. Let us recognize that and ask the Lord to bless what we do so that his love for us and others will come through loud and clear. Your sermon may be the only sermon some people will get to hear. Make it a good one!


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