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Church Message
All You Have Comes from God. Use It to His Glory!
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageA number of years ago, my wife's uncle and aunt, Mae and Joe Lemke, raised a baby that had been abandoned. That child's name was Leslie. Leslie had lots of problems and little hope of living any kind of normal life. He was totally blind. And while capable of speaking, he did not talk for many years. He was unable to feed himself. He was totally dependent on others. Doctors said that he should be placed in a state institution for he would never amount to anything.

Mae worked endlessly with her son. She would strap him to her back when working out in the yard. She would place him by the fence where he learned to pull himself up and eventually to walk. In time, he even learned to feed himself. The amazing part of this story took place one night when Leslie was about sixteen years old. During the night he crawled up on the piano bench and began to play. Not only did he play but he was playing a classical piece of music written by Tschaikovsky. He played it note perfect even though he had never had a lesson or sat at a piano before. Joe and Mae soon found out that their son, while handicapped in many ways, had the amazing ability to listen to any piece of music and play it back instantly exactly as it had been played. He is a sevant and his gift is music.

Leslie appeared on many TV shows to demonstrate his skills. When asked by a host how such a phenomenon could be explained, Leslie said it was a gift from God.

There are only a few people in the world who are blessed with gifts such as this. The truth, however, is that we are all gifted. All of us have abilities, talents and resources that God has bestowed upon us. We don't all have the same gifts nor are we all gifted to the same degree. But we are gifted.

Sometimes we get the idea that we are responsible for the abilities we have, for the possessions we have accumulated, for what we have made out of our life. But the truth is that all we have and are come from God. The world, for example, was made by God. He is the creator the world. He still owns it. It has only been entrusted to our care. God is also the author of life. Every child conceived is given life by God. It isn't something that just happened.

It's the Lord who gives us the ability to see, walk, speak, hear, taste, and to think. The gift to play golf or tennis, to type, play music, or to sing also comes from God. Oh, we may develop our gifts. We may work hard to get ahead in life. We may save our money. But that doesn't change the fact that all we have comes from God.

The question we must ask is "How are we using what God has given us?" Do we use them in ways that are pleasing to God? Do we live for him or for ourselves? Do we work and live in a way that brings honor to God's name?

Just as Leslie Lemke recognized that his special musical gift came from God, let us recognize that our gifts come from him too. And like Leslie let us give the credit where it belongs, to the Lord.


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