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Church Message
How Much Does God Love You?
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageHow much is one human being worth? This question may be answered in many different ways. If you asked a suicide bomber in Israel or Iraq, what life is worth, they would probably say, "not much.” That’s clear from the fact that they are willing to take their life and the lives of many innocent people just to make a statement. A drug dealer, a serial killer, or person who leaves their newborn baby in a dumpster or gets an abortion makes the statement – life is cheap.

Now if you were to ask this question of someone on a crusade for tougher laws and stiffer punishments for drunk drivers, they would probably say, "If these changes in the law save just one person, it’s worth it.” Ask a soldier fighting for peace and freedom how much a life is worth. Ask a fireman who is ready to risk his or her life by running into a burning building or a policeman who puts his or her life in jeopardy every time they pull someone over or respond to call. Ask a mom and dad who have just seen the birth of their new baby and they will all tell you that life is precious.

One person wrote that a person’s worth is dependent on how much one is loved. That’s an interesting way to put it, isn’t it? If I hear that there are 5,000 runaways every day in America that may not mean much to me. If I hear, however, that one of those runaways is my own child, it changes everything. How much we love someone plays a big factor in how we act and feel toward them or what we would be willing to sacrifice for them.

If one were to ask God this question, "How much is a life worth.” his first response, I would guess, would be to point to his Son. God loved us so much that he was willing to sacrifice his own Son for our salvation. Jesus, the Son of God, would say ‘Amen!’ for he was willing to suffer and die on the cross in our place.

That’s what we see every time we look at the cross. It reminds us of how much God loves you. It reminds us how much our dear Lord loves each and every person in this world who has lived or will live. He suffered and died for them all. He did it so we might have eternal life and spend it with him in heaven.

His goal is that we tell our neighbors, friends, family members, fellow students, co-workers, everyone about God’s love for them. There is no greater service that we can offer to God and no greater love that we can show our fellow man than to share God’s love with them.

Don’t take God’s love for granted. It is the greatest treasurer one can possess. It is also the greatest treasurer we can share.


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