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Are You Living for the Lord or Just Living?
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageWell, it's over. Super Bowl Sunday is history. Now what will they do? What will the fanatic football falls do until next season? My guess is that they will turn to college basketball. Then it will be baseball. It has been my experience that those who love watching sports will watch any and every sport they can. It's a way of life. Simply put, they live for sports.

In our world today people have many different goals or purposes for living their life. Some have dedicated their life to the field of medicine, others to public service. Some live to make a name for themselves, to be a success, or to make their fortune. Some goals are altruistic, others are not.

The child of God is also living for a reason. The child of God is living for God. That makes us different from all those who don't know the Lord. And that is a big difference.

From outward appearances this may not always be obvious. Both go to work each day. Both have their hobbies and interests. Both may be involved in politics or in civic affairs. Both love their spouse and their children and many have many other things in common. Both may work hard, seek to be honest, fair, and so on.

But, in truth, there is a big difference in their lives. One is living for the Lord and the other is just living. One sees their life as a gift of God to be used for his glory, the other as time to be used as he sees fit.

One sees his paycheck as the fruit of his labors. The other sees it as a gift from God to be used to meet God-given responsibilities. One takes credit for their talents and accomplishments. The child of God sees their abilities as gifts God has given to them. They see success as a blessing from their Lord.

One may see this world's resources as something not to be wasted lest they be gone for future generations. The child of God sees himself as a steward or manager of these God-given resources.

One may see marriage as an invention of society that has evolved over the centuries. The Christian see marriage as ordained by God and governed by him. One sees children as part of the life process. The Christian sees children as a blessing and gift from God.

The children of the world are just living and the Christian is living for God.

The problem the Christian faces is that we often forget why we are here and we end up just going about our lives instead of living them for the Lord. We need to remind ourselves each day that it is a new day given to us by God and to be used to his glory. When we do, we will not just living. We will be living for God.


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