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Church Message
God simply wants us to say "Thank you."
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageOne day a father took his daughter along with him to an auto parts shop. It was a hot summer day, and while they were waiting to be served, his daughter was standing next to the Coke machine, hoping Dad would take the hint and buy her some. She knew from past experience that if she begged for it, she probably wouldn't get it, so she just stood there playing with the buttons on the machine and hoping.

After a few minutes, a lady from the shop walked over and asked the little girl, who was three years old at the time, "Would like a can of soda?" The little girl replied with an enthusiastic, "Yes!" The lady put the money into the machine and told the little girl to make her choice. When the can came out, she went to her father to get help in opening the can. When she did, her father asked her, "Now what do you tell the nice lady?" At that, with her big blues eyes shining, the little girl looked up and said, "Please."H aving raised five children of my own, I know this story well. It is much more difficult to teach a child to say "thank you" than it is to teach them to say "please."

I think that it's because we are still hoping to get something when we say "please." Once you have what you want when it's time to say "thank you". It doesn't take a child long to learn to say "please"

since they know that is vital to getting what they want. There just isn't that same incentive when it comes to saying "thank you."

It is good that our nation has set aside a special day for saying "thank you." We need that reminder to say "thank you." We also need to be reminded whom we are to thank. Thanksgiving is not just "turkey day" as it is often referred to. It is not just a day to be thankful. It is a day set aside to give thanks to God for the blessings we enjoy. It is a day to recognize that we would have nothing without God.

Without God's blessing, there would be no turkey, mashed potatoes, nor pumpkin pies. We would have no cars, homes, big screen TVs, cell phones, or laptops. Friends, family, parents and children are all gifts from our Creator. We would be nothing and have nothing without him.

But let us not just thank God for the physical or material blessings we enjoy. They would mean nothing if not for another gift he has given us. It is the gift of his Son. God loved this world, he loved YOU so much that he gave his us only Son, Jesus Christ to be our Savior, to redeem us from our sin. God punished Christ in our place. When Jesus died, he died for us - in our place, so that we might have eternal life. These are the greatest blessings we could ever have and we didn't even have to say please. Buy how can we not say "Thank you!"to God?


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