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Church Message
"It’s a Free Country, Isn’t It?”
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageIn the United States, we can still get good, solid mileage of the tattered old cliché, "It's a free country. Isn’t it?" We can and do use it to justify a lot of words and actions that people of some other countries would never dare attempt. On the Fourth of July we celebrate our freedoms - freedom of speech, the pursuit of happiness, freedom from oppression and foreign powers, and much more.

But here is a shocker. In the United States of America, right now, today, there is as much absolute slavery and loss of freedom as there ever has been at any time, any place on earth! There is a slavery that many don’t even know exists. Now, I am not talking about social injustice or ethnic oppression. I am talking about a cruel, heartless slavery perpetrated by a force totally devoid of love and compassion and dedicated to the destruction of mankind. It is a slavery so subtle and deceptive that people are often unaware of the power and hold it has on them. It is the slavery of sin.

The county in which we live may be free, but what about you? Are you free from the weight and consequences of sin? Be honest! You know that God is not going to say, "You're basically a pretty good person, so I don't hold your sins against you." Are you free from the nagging doubts that come along with the "I can get into heaven on my own." approach to salvation?

Are you free to live a life of real joy because you know and whole heartedly believe that Jesus died - and rose again - to provide the forgiveness that unchains you from your sins? Are you also free from the soul-crushing slavery of a life in which the accumulation of "things" that squeezes out the pursuit of God's eternal treasure and blessings? Are you free from the ambition for personal gain that puts God in second or third place and hinders having any kind of close relationship with him?

It is only in God's Word that we are really made free and there can be no real freedom apart from it. If you are one who really has a firm grip on this freedom, freedom only God can provide, REJOICE!....and continually thank him for it because "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!" (John 8:36)

Sure, we live in a free country, but the paradox is that not everyone in it is free. You should be... and can be. The key is found in Gospel. The Gospel or Good News is found in the Bible, God's Word. Its message is that Christ has set us free from our sins, their guilt and punishment. We are free to live for Christ our Lord and enjoy all the blessings that he has to give us for this life and the next. Proclaim it to all so that all might be free!


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