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Church Message
Jesus is the Secret to Contentment!
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageI read a story that is supposed have taken place about one hundred years ago. People were asked to make a list of everything they wanted. The sky was the limit. They could write down anything in the world. Price, availability, practicality - none of that mattered. The average person living 100 years ago had about 70 "wants" on their list. Not long ago a similar survey was taken. The average person had nearly 500 "wants" on his list.

I don't know how accurate those numbers are but I do know that our society has not learned the secret of contentment. Most people think that contentment comes by having more things. We keep jumping over fences to greener pastures just to discover that we are now stuck with higher water bills. If we don't watch it our gravestones are going to be inscribed with something like that which was written on a tombstone in a cemetery in England:
She Died For Want Of Things
He Died Trying To Give Them To Her.

Being discontented is nothing new. Lack of contentment is one of the reasons why Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver because he was not content with what he had. Lack of contentment with what God has given us is part of our sinful nature. We constantly want more. We want another car when dents appear on the old one. We want another wife when wrinkles appear or we are attracted to someone else. We want the fastest computers, the latest gadgets and games, the most up to date appliances, and TVs. One could go on and on.

How fortunate one is when one realizes that the secret to contentment does not come from finally having enough things. Nor does the power to be content come from within us. True contentment comes from God through Jesus Christ.

The first step in having true contentment is in knowing that God is content with us. His contentment comes from knowing that Jesus has taken away our sins on the cross. The heavenly Father is content with us because he punished Jesus for our sins. We are content because we are now at peace with God. Unbelievers can't understand how a Christian can be content whether one is rich or poor. They don't see how we can stay calm in the midst of trouble and adversity. They don't understand how we can lose a loved one in death and still go on. They can't see or understand the hope, the sure and certain hope we have in Christ.

Human nature leads us to be content with what we have until something better comes along. With Jesus in our hearts and lives, we know that there is nothing better. Jesus is the key to having true contentment. With Jesus, we will never want or need anything more in our lives, now or forever.


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