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Church Message
Sin, Like Trash, Doesn’t Simply Go Away!
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageGarbage. Throw it out. Get rid of it. It seems simple enough. Once we take our trash to the curb, we can forget it. The truck collects it, and it's gone. Right? Not so. Disposing of garbage is not all that simple. Ask anybody who lives near a landfill. Ask the people worried about pure ground water or heavy metal contamination.

Sin is like that. Last week's sins are gone, forgotten. Buried under the weight of a thousand duties, deadlines and distractions, they are things of the past. Little time is spent contemplating the sins of our past. They are removed from our lives, gone, trashed. Right?

Not so. Ask the victims of abuse. Ask the people who can't sleep because of tortured consciences. Ask those who have seen their son or daughter taken captive by drugs. Ask those who have had their family torn apart because of alcoholism. Talk to parents who have lost a child in a hit and run accident.

We can change the name of a garbage dump. We can call it a reclamation center or turn it into a park like Mt. Trashmore, but that doesn't change its content. It is still there and it is still a pile of garbage.

We can change your viewpoint about sin, too. We can give it a sweet-sounding name, but that doesn't change its odor. Call it weakness or a shortcoming. Call it a mistake or an error. We can try to forget about it, but that doesn't make it disappear. We can deny it but that doesn't mean that it is not there. Sin, like trash, doesn't simply go away. There are consequences to sin, perhaps daily. Perhaps many years from now. Perhaps eternal ones.

By God's grace, there is also a solution to the life-threatening problem of sin. Long ago, God realized that something needed to be done about the mounds of sin each of us accumulates every week. Sweeping sin under the carpet, as if it is a little dust, doesn't work. It must be carried away and disposed of permanently. This requires superhuman effort. It takes the wisdom, power and love of God himself.

Fortunately, God made the effort. He sent his Son to overcome sin and its eternal consequences and instead of eternal suffering in hell we receive eternal bliss in the mansions of heaven.


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