Church Message

Promises, Promises
By Pastor Stuppy

Church message imageChurch sponsors may16This coming week, the Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland, Ohio. The Democrats will be meeting soon after. As much as I like politics, I really don’t enjoy these conventions. They are filled with rhetoric. They are either telling us how terrible their opponents are or telling us how much they are going to do if they are elected. Can you imagine, if a presidential candidate were to say, "If you elect me, I promise I will completely fix the Social Security and Medicare. I will balance the nation’s budget, fix the health care system along with shaping up the VA. I will get rid of the national debt, fix the nation’s aged infrastructure, turn around our trade deficit, put an end to all threats of terrorism, solve the immigration problems, make sure everyone who wants to work can get a job and make a living wage, get rid of discrimination, and make sure every child in our country gets a good education and anyone who wants to go to college will be able to afford it. And I will do this in my first term as President! I promise.”

If we heard such claims being made (and we might????), would we vote for them or just laugh? Making such boasts or promises would be no more than chaff blown in the wind. Some accomplishments may be made but certainly not all of them.

What a difference it is with God. The Lord makes promises all the time. Not little ones but ones that are beyond belief. His first promise was like that. He promised that one born from the seed of a woman would defeat the powerful foe named Satan. He promised Abraham that he would be the father of a great nation when Abraham was 99 years old and childless. That promise was fulfilled. He promised to bring back a remnant of Judah back to Jerusalem. When the decree of King Cyrus of the Medes and Persians allowed them to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the city, the walls, and the temple. All done to set the table for the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises regarding the Savior.

We all make promises. Some we keep. Some we don’t. The Lord keeps them all. He promises to help us, to protect us, to give us strength when we are weak, to comfort us when we grieve, give us hope when we feel like there is none. When our sins condemn us, he assures us that his Son was condemned in our place. When our conscience plagues us, he says our sins have been forgiven.

I don’t know what promises will be made by the politicians or how many they will keep. What I do know is that God has kept and will keep every promise he makes. It is part of his nature. Put your trust, your confidence, your hope in the promises of God. He will not let you down.


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