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Church Message
"Patience is a Virtue!”
By Pastor Stuppy

Church sponsors2 24apr14Church message imageHow patient are you? Do you quickly get upset when the light turns green and the car in front of you doesn’t move right away? When you’re waiting for an elevator and it doesn’t arrive promptly do you head for the stairs or keep hitting the button as if that will make it arrive more quickly? If you’re a parent, how quickly do you lose patience with your children. If married, with your spouse?

My favorite story about patience is about the kindergarten teacher from snow country. She was helping one of her students put on her boots to go outside. After they pulled and tugged for some time, they got one boot on and then the other. That’s when the little girl said, "They’re on the wrong feet.” So they pulled them off and did it again. Then the little girl said, "Those aren’t my boots.” So off they came. Then she said, "They are my brothers but Mom made me where them.” So, back on they went. Then the teacher asked, "Where are your mittens?’ "They are in the toe of my boots, where I always keep them.” The teacher could take it no more and ran from the room.

So what is patience? Before we get too far we should try to define the word PATIENCE. It is an interesting word. The dictionary defines patience as the "the capacity of calm endurance.” It talks about showing restraint in difficult situations or in dealing with difficult individuals.

The Old Testament word for patience literally means "long nose.” The ancient Hebrew saw that when someone got really angry, their nose would get red. If it took a long time for their nose to get red, they were ‘long nosed’ or patient. The New Testament Greek word for patience expresses a similar thought. Literally it means "slow to get hot.” It is sometimes translated "long-suffering”. It is also the word translated ‘patience.’

So the word does not simply mean that we don’t lose our temper but it is more the thought that we are willing to endure difficult situations without getting upset. We remain calm. We have trust in God and that he is in control of the situation. We don’t have to be afraid. We don’t have to worry, angry or frustrated. We forge ahead, even in the midst of adversity, a trying situation or dealing with an aggravating individual with calmness and trust – patience because God is in control, on our side, watching over us. So be patient. It brings glory to God. To lose our patience, to get angry, is sinful. Patience is a gift from God and brings him glory. Patience is a virtue. It is a gift from God, the work of the Holy Spirit.


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