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High School Sports News

TTSoft image smallTabb Tigers Softball: State Champions! ... Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, so they say. Ones who are perfect in some regard, is Tabb softball. The team makes mistakes, occasionally, but they always fix themselves up. By the time the game is through, they’ve perfected it all. Tabb softball has not lost a game all year. The entire regular season no one has beat them, some goes for the playoffs, and this past weekend they were in the state championship. No one had defeated them yet, was this going to be the dream season? Seven innings decided such a feat. (Read the Article) (Have a Comment?)
Local Teams Attempt to Make Their Marks in the Playoffs ... The school is finished this Friday, depending on finals, some students will probably be done before that, with school ending that means the spring sports season has ended as well. All sports for the year are over. In August it all starts up again. Many schools had teams in the playoffs. Many them did not win. This will be the bad news article going over all that. It’s more celebratory news for how good of a season many of these teams had. Let’s not look at as "bad news”. (See Page 7, June 14, 2018 Edition) (Have a Comment?)

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